Why are there so few young nudists?

One of the biggest discouragements of the nudist industry lies in the fact that older people are more willing to toss their clothes than the younger generation – and as such, the nudist lifestyle and all its excerpts such as nudist dating, nudist resorts and more, seem to be a dying culture.

While public nudity is becoming more and more acceptable with a statistical 43 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 willing to try public nudity, there are still a few major factors that affect young adult's decisions to become nudists.
In this article, we are going to be discussing six reasons younger adults are not so willing to become nudists.

1.) Peer pressure.

One of the strongest forces that affect, influence and shape a teen is peer pressure. The need to be accepted by your peers becomes paramount in a person's teenage years.

Most times a teenager with the desire to be a nudist would find themselves suppressing those innate desires because their beliefs conflict with what their peer group believes in.

Not to mention that thanks to the media, society, and culture have forced their ideas of what the "right look" should be. Only a mentally brave teen would be willing to break the norm and stick to what they believe in– and sadly not very many young adults do this!

2.) Misinformation

Most teens are told that being a nudist is a sexual orientation such as being a lesbian or a homosexual and because nudism is seen in this light instead of the light of being a body positive way of life, young adults are dissuaded from the idea.

3.) Fear

Along with the fear that they do not have the "perfect body type" that some of their role models attain through tons of surgeries, young adults fear that they would be the only young ones in the midst of older nudists. This means a teen would not only have to get over their fear of public nudity, they would also need to get over the ideology that nudism is for "old people".

4.) Nudist cultures lack teenagers

Imagine walking into a bank with a 50-year-old cashier, a 60-year-old manager and staffs all over the age of 50. The first thought would be that the bank was for old people.

Most nudist resorts get it wrong when they staff their facilities with older folk. This practice discourages the introduction of new young adults. For most nudist teenagers who try these facilities, they feel disconnected from the crowd around them. Regardless, it is important to note that there a quite a few more progressive nudist resorts that just fit their needs. But if the nudist culture wants to survive, the younger ones need to be enticed.

5.) The issue of the Single Male.

It is a little more difficult for a single male to opt for the nudist lifestyle. Most organized nudist groups welcome more females than males, thus leaving the males out in the cold. For female nudist singles looking for love from opposite like-minded sex, this could be very discouraging and only worsens the problem.

6.) Financial difficulties.

Being a nudist is quite expensive. Nudist resorts and beaches are located in very reserve locations that require flying or a personal vehicle – a 4WD sometimes to get to. This is not to mention membership fees and loads of financial commitments.  Hardly any young adult would want to pay so much to be FREE.

While it might seem like quite the uphill task to inculcate young adult nudists into the culture properly, nudism as a lifestyle can hope that young adult's willingness to defy norms would push them towards prolonging the existence of nudism.