5 Tips for Nudist Dating when you are not a nudist

A nudist or a naturist is someone who prefers to shed their clothes. In simple terms, a nudist does not think nakedness is as much of a big deal as you think it is!

Dating a male or female nudist can be quite interesting for people who would want to see their sexy significant other strutting around the room bare bodied! On the other hand, it could also be disturbing because there are people who wouldn't want to see their partner's privates all the time.

Like every relationship, dating a nudist has its perks and downsides and if you have a hard time dealing with the nudist lifestyle of your significant other, this article would provide tips to help you have a better relationship with your partner.

While there is no blueprint to having a successful relationship, there are, however, certain helpful tips that can make your relationship more productive – especially when you are dating a nudist when you aren't one.

Here are 5 tips for nudist dating when you are not a nudist.


Communication is a very important aspect of any successful relationship. Being open with your nudist partner and having an honest conversation about how you feel about the practice would help you both create a more conducive atmosphere for your relationship to thrive.

People often assume that nudism is associated with hyper or overt sexuality and this is a very wrong notion. Just like wearing clothes doesn't make you a prude, a nudist is not necessarily a sex god or goddess.

Focus on the “positives” 

Notice how we put the positives in a quote?

This is because we genuinely believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your significant other being a nudist.

However, if you are having a hard time adjusting to the nudist aspect of your partner's personality, then concentrate on the reasons you fell in love with that person in the first place!

You didn't go on your first date naked, did you?

Embrace his or her differences.
Understand that you are both different and unique in your own rights. Imagine if you constantly got questioned about wearing clothes all the time. Understand that while you find clothes to be good coverage, a nudist is wired differently.

If you consider your partner's preference to go nude as a quirk, remember that you do have quirks as well that your nudist may not understand but like regular relationships, embracing and understanding these differences as well as being willing to reach a compromise is the only way to maintain your relationship.


Along with understanding and communication, another important element of a successful relationship is supporting the person. If you happen to be nudist dating when you are not a nudist, the easiest way to have a short relationship is to try changing who your partner is. They may sail your boat for a while but eventually, they would get fed up and leave.

It is important that you support your nudist and the best way to do so is to try our fifth tip for nudist dating when you are not a nudist.

Try nudism 

Yup! We said it.

Try going nude every once in a while!

If the concept of naturism seems weird to you, by virtue of the fact that you are in love with and dating a nudist, you must consider giving it a try. You could start off doing away with your clothes for a few hours or even go full throttle by going with your significant other on a trip to a nude beach.