Confessions of a Nudist’s Boyfriend

I can’t say that when I set out to find my soulmate that I even considered that person could be one that indulges in such a lifestyle such as nudism. I can’t say that I planned to fall in love with a woman who saw no issue in strutting her stuff out in the open for anyone and everyone to see. I also never thought in a million years that I would end up feeling the same.
When I first met my current girlfriend, I had just ended a pretty serious relationship after being cheated on with half of our apartment complex. I was lonely, hurt, and fed up with dating. On a dare and to get my friends to leave me alone about the whole mess, I created an online dating profile, never intending on spending time on it or making a match. You can imagine my surprise when I received an email with a message from another user of the site, my now girlfriend of 3 years. It was short and simply asked if I wanted to chat more and get to know each other. I was too stunned and curious to turn her down.

And so it began. We communicated this way for months before finally deciding to meet in person at a Starbucks in town. At this point I was already falling head over heels for this girl. She was intelligent, funny, beautiful, and even just the right dose of weird and whacky. I couldn’t wait to finally see her face in person.

Upon arriving and introducing myself at the café, we started to talk and everything came so easily, so naturally. We had spent almost two hours sipping coffee and discussing life, our families, friends, work, everything, before she abruptly changed the subject by asking if I had ever known anyone who partook in a nudist lifestyle. I remember staring, slightly dumbfounded at this drastic turn in our conversation before being able to respond that no, I had never known anyone who lived that way. Honestly, I had only ever known the stereotypes about “nudist colonies” and how sexually charged they were and the simplistic lifestyle the people led.

I watched her look down at her mug, shyly. I asked her why she had wanted to know and quietly she answered me by explaining that she was a naturist, a person who believed in living a life close to nature and included in that meant being publicly naked in designated places with others who shared her views.
I can’t say that I instantly took this news well. I had just left a relationship where half of the men in my apartment complex had seen my ex-girlfriend naked and I hadn’t appreciated it. How could I be okay with my new girlfriend walking around naked in front of groups of strangers when society had always taught me this to be wrong?
I quietly listened to all that she had to say and we parted ways amicably with her asking that before I made any decisions to please take a deeper look into the world of naturists and what it really meant, not the stereotypes that most people held of them. Once I returned home, I obliged her and turned to Google for assistance.

I was shocked to find that in a true nudist community, there is nothing “sexually charged” about it. The naked body isn’t considered a sex icon, but rather just an image of freedom and release. The deeper I dug, the more I wanted to know. It seemed so liberating!

I called her back the very next day. We went out again and she told me even more about being a nudist and informed me of all the misconceptions. A few months later, we booked a trip to a nudist resort in the Caribbean and for the first time, I was able to fully embrace this new and liberating way of life with my girlfriend and since then, I couldn’t imagine going back.

We both still live our day-to-day lives clothed. But behind closed doors and when in the company of our fellow nudist friends, we are able to be our true selves. I couldn’t be more grateful to my girlfriend for introducing me to this world that is so often misconceived by our society.

I am proud to be dating a beautiful nudist woman and to now be one myself!