How To Spend Your Time In Texas As A Nudist

Living the nudist lifestyle can be a freeing experience. Whether you live in Texas or are traveling to the state, it is important to know about the various activities that you can participate in. This includes learning about some of the different nudist resorts, nude beaches, as well as other activities that you can enjoy throughout the year.

 Nudist Resorts in Texas

Perhaps the largest nudist resort in Texas is found in Edinburg. It is the Sandpipers, which has a number of high reviews. It is located in the Deep South of the state, and provides a large number of facilities. Many people choose to live at the resort, which means that visitors need to make accommodations ahead of time. Here are no day visitors or “drop ins” permitted.

Activities can vary significantly throughout the year, regardless of whether it’s winter or summer. Water volleyball, tennis, golf, bicycling, theater and music performances, and more are provided.

As for accommodations, there are upscale suites available as well as RV sites. This allows you to choose the type of living you want to enjoy at Sandpipers Resort.

Other locations in Texas include Live Oak Resort in Washington, Texas as well as Wildwood Naturist’s Resort in Decatur, which is set on 118 acres.
Nudist Beaches

Many states throughout the country do not offer any kind of nudist beaches, and if they do, they are likely few and far between. This is not the case with Texas as it is extremely nudist friendly.

Hippie Hollow Park is found along the shore of Lake Travis, and there is also High Island, around Rollover Pass. The one at Lake Travis is the only new beach according to the state. However, there are plenty of “unofficial” nude beaches. South Padre beaches along the North Shore are also considered nudist friendly, and many have reported.

According to law officials, full nudity is illegal, regardless of what beach you go on. This means that you can go topless, though many people will put it to the test otherwise.

Other Activities

You can find a variety of activities throughout Texas, particularly in San Antonio, if you are looking to hang out with other nudists. Texas is home to one of the largest nudist groups in the United States. Florida and California are the only ones that have more.

What this means for you is that you will be able to find plenty of activities. The Bexar Recreation Society, believes in wholesome family nudism, and they have plenty of activities available throughout the year, including a 5K run.

You can always join the various social boards or nudist dating site with forum  and learn about members who are hosting gatherings at their own homes, where nudity is not only accepted, but highly encouraged.