Nudists and Nude Beaches

What clicks your mind when you come across the words nude beaches? To some, the words may evoke feelings of embarrassment, outrage or even a combination of both. Speak the same words to nudists and they will evoke feelings of eagerness and longing for the next time in the water, nude. Someone may ask, who are nudists and why nude beaches?

A nudist refers to someone who follows a practice called naturism. According to them, people should live a lifestyle that is free of clothing. They argue that humans should embrace living naked just like the way they are born unless severe changes in weather especially during the winter season. Nudists claim that this is the best kind of lifestyle as it promotes equality among all individuals. You cannot tell the difference between the poor and the rich while in their birthday suits.

Nude Beaches

In this kind of a beach, you are free to swim naked and even interact with other nudists. There are no uncomfortable glares because this is one of the best locations where nudists can enjoy the lifestyle without having to explain much about it to anyone. However, this does not mean that only the nudists visit the nude beaches. Some go there to quench their curiosity, have a look at other nude people while others go in the hope of finding beautiful partners. Over the years, nude beaches which first became popular along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of France have gained popularity and you are likely to find a nude beach in almost every country.

Reasons Why Most Nude Beaches Are Closing Down

As much as some state authorities tolerate these kinds of beaches, their popularity has since declined over the recent years. This is attributed to the reduced number of the nudist community, increase of abusive users and outcry of some religions such as Christians to close the beaches down as some cite them as the dens for sexual immorality. However, some organizations such as the Naturist Action Committee soldiers on to ensure that the nudists will not be intimidated due to their lifestyle.

How to Find a Partner as a Nudist
Sometimes the beach may prove to be difficult to find a partner there mainly because of the large number of people. If there is no enough space for social contact, you can still look up for partners in nudists dating sites or join a nudist messaging board. Just because you are a nudist, it does not have to be difficult to find a partner.

If you are a nudist, you do not have to be embarrassed of your lifestyle. However, it is important that you consult local authorities before visiting a particular town just in case such a lifestyle is not allowed.