Where to have fun in the nude in London?

Now that summer is here, people in London are finding ways strip down and participate in fun-filled activities. From bike rides and trekking to naked yoga and food festivals, people are enjoying everything naked. If that's not all, the month of August also witnessed a unique event that had around 300 people run through the London zoo, wearing absolutely nothing. The event was called Streak for Tigers.
The event aims to create awareness about the last 300 Sumatran tigers that are on the verge of extinction unless something is done about it. This would basically be a fundraising event. James Wren, the Director of this event said that without clothes on our bodies would be vulnerable to threats, which is similar to what these tigers are experiencing.

The event is backed by the British naturism group, which hopes that more such fund raising and awareness events would be initiated in the future. A spokesperson for British naturism claims that nudist without the thought of sex is actually practical, given the fact that you're aware of the gravity of such an event. He also told the reporters that naturists do nothing different from others, apart from wearing absolutely nothing.

Naked swimming is the favorite activity of people visiting Welch. There are plenty of places that this activity can be done in London. One such event is the Naturist London Sunday Swim organized every Saturday at the University of London Union. This is the same indoor swimming pool where the Beetles had done their shooting.
For those looking to bask, the banks of men's swimming pond on Hampstead Heath is an ideal place. There is a separate ladies pond where women can sunbathe topless without any interference from others. On the other hand, if you happen to be among the active ones and are seeking a kind of activity that can keep you refreshed yet relaxed, naked yoga is worth giving a try.

London is also a place for naked parties. You can either try limbo dancing or the top-secret F club parties that are usually reserved for the elite. This would also give you the opportunity to make great connections.

There is another section of the audience that doesn't wish to head out due to heat. We advise you join a reliable nudist dating site, which would allow you to connect with like-minded people from across the globe. You can then choose to continue with interactions or meet the person in the real world in order to give a new dimension to your dating process.