Become a Nudist! How?

Have you decided to do away with all that unnatural, uncomfortable clothing?  If your birthday suit is your favorite outfit, you may want to explore nudism / naturalism!  Here you'll find advice to take you to the next level of nude and natural living.

1. Determine why you want to be a nudist. Nudists are concerned with the natural presentation of the body and tend to live separate from most of the world; if you're simply looking for a way to leer at people, nude beaches and clothing-optional resorts may not be the best long-term option.

2. Determine if you're ready to become a nudist. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Does your family already follow nudist principles of natural body presentation in the home? If you have a family, especially children, are you comfortable with strangers being able to see them without clothing? If so, begin to introduce your family to nudism as a way of life; this should help to determine if a move to a nudist colony or club is a viable option for you and your family.

3. Consider changing your location. While society is increasingly tolerant of new fashions, public nudity is still frowned upon. If you want to practice nudism full-time, consider relocating to a nudist/naturalist colony.  There are ‘naturalist clubs' in all but a handful of states in the USA.

4. Exhibit respect and maturity when visiting or living at a nudist or naturalist club. There are men, women, and children of all ages present at such clubs, and leering, staring or inappropriate touching is not tolerated.  Remember, these people are quite literally exposing themselves to the world and deserve to be respected as human beings; no one should be made to feel uncomfortable.

5. Be prepared to deal with discrimination. Many people do not understand nudism and choose to view it as something inappropriate and sexually deviant.  Be polite to these people and someday they may be interested in trying a nudist lifestyle themselves!

6. Be prepared to compromise. Unfortunately, most people will need to go to work and shop in a place other than their nudist/naturalist colony. Although it may seem tedious, compromising your nudist lifestyle by putting on clothing will prevent any unwanted attention, especially from local law enforcement.

7. Enjoy being a nudist! Celebrate ultimate confidence, comfort and a freeing lifestyle that only a few people will ever be able to experience.

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