Dunedin hosts the annual nude rugby international event

Australia as well as New Zealand has for long accepted nudism and people that follow the nudist form of living. While you might not meet nudists on the streets, there are certain places that attract nudists, especially nude sports lovers from across the globe. Naked rugby is one sport that is played in the Dunedin town of New Zealand and manages to attract nudists not only from New Zealand but also Australia and parts of Europe.
It all started in 2002, when the Irish were in town and all set to play against the All Blacks. This was when a local bus company was carrying packages for backpackers that were visiting Dunedin. This was when they observed the student atmosphere and found out that they were looking to add some X-factor to the game, which led to the inception of naked rugby.

The first game of this kind was held at St. Clair Beach, which is known to be the perfect place for nude mid-winter rugby games. The game was held between backpackers and the local students in the area and was touted to be their version for world supremacy.

One of the stars of the first international game held between Ireland and the Nude Blacks in 2002 was Tipperary-based Fergus Mather. In a very short span of time he became an international star, owing to the presence of world media. Thanks to this, his stories spread like wild fire across the globe. This event began an a fun-filled competition between the locals and visiting teams.

However, over a period of time, it turned out to be something very big that grabs the attention of international media besides attracting people from all over the world. Nude rugby is known to be a celebration in its own unique way and defines what Dunedin is all about happy souls looking to dominate the world of rugby and not letting anything soil their happiness.

In fact, a lot of people from the European rugby specialists to South Africa's high veldt have made their presence felt in this particular sport. Although these games aren't telecasted, they have managed to cast a unique spell in the world of sports. Indeed, people from across the world are gravitated to Dunedin not only to watch this sport but also to participate in this unique game.