Nudist Dating, Naked Dating TV show!

It's a brave nude world.

Just when you think you've seen every sort of dating show imaginable, the US goes and pulls another corker out of the bag.

This week's 'ballsy' new production is Dating Naked, a show airing this summer on VH1.

This show is everything that you think it is. Two people go on a date… and they are naked. Are they nudists? Is can be counted as nudist dating? Is this attractive to nudist singles only?

VH1's Susan Levison says Dating Naked was the first project she bought when she became programming chief last fall, and has since heard several more pitches for naked TV shows.

In fact, thanks to this clip, all show titles should henceforth be followed by the word “naked.” Make it happen VH1, you pioneers.

We can't wait.