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Naturism or nudism are the terms used to describe the social or private activity of being naked.  Naturists have been around for millenia, but for obvious reasons they tend to exist only where the climate is conducive to being totally without clothes.  However, this restriction doesn’t apply to those who like practice naturism indoors and there are many nudists in European countries where, despite the cold winters, the central heating and the saunas allow them to indulge in their activities.

Attitudes to the naked human body vary greatly from one culture to another and from period in history to the next.  What is unacceptable to some societies today may be widely accepted in another fifty years, and vice versa.  Nudism in Britain (as in the rest of Europe and North America) is tolerated provided it is within context and confined to prescribed areas, as legitimate art form, or as a publicity stunt in the form of a protest.

For example, naked bike rides have been used on many occasions to highlight environmental issues.  A 1,000 people stripped off and posed naked at an Irish Castle and 1,800 nude participants took their positions in a football stadium for the US photographer Spencer Tunick.  He also teamed up with Greenpeace to photograph a group of naked people in a vineyard in France to draw attention to the problem of climate change.

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