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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Find Local Nudists in Your Area! How?

Nudists, or people who follow the clothing-free way of living often find it difficult to connect with like-minded people. While couples still manage to engage in some fun activities being naked, singles often find themselves isolated. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are skeptical about trying nudism and often compare it with sex and intimacy.

However, in reality, nudism is just a form of living in which people prefer staying clothing-free and have absolutely no psychological issues. If you happen to be a nudist in search of fun and friends, here are a few places that you may consider visiting:
Nudist beach: Nudist beaches attract both couples as well as singles. In case you are looking to know a few interesting nudists and make friends with them, find out the nearest local nudist beach and visit it. Make sure you carry all the essentials and behave appropriately, if you wish to gain acceptance in the nudist community.
A nudist resort: While a lot of nudist resorts are exclusively for couples, a few resorts allow singles too. Not only can you make use of the spa and relish on some amazing food but also connect with other singles and couples. Nevertheless, always stay in your limits and other nudists would hate you hitting on their partner. Nudist resorts also provide a secluded and peaceful atmosphere, thereby giving you the right atmosphere to make connections.

A nudist dating site: If there are no nudist beaches or resorts in your area, or you are hesitant to go these, joining a nudist dating site would be the best alternative. The advantage of joining such website is that you know that every person on the website is available and seeking a companion. Therefore, your chances of finding a date increase manifold. Furthermore, a nudist dating site would also give you the convenience of filtering members based on location as well as your personal preferences.
A nudist club: Thanks to the increasing popularity of the nudist culture, a lot of people prefer going to clubs for socializing with other nudists. A nudist club isn't very different from a normal one, except for the fact that people here do not wear any clothes.

Are you still finding it difficult to find your ideal partner who is a nudist? All you need to do is check out the aforementioned options and do the needful.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Meet Nudists @ World Naked Bike Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride or WNBR is an international clothing optional bike ride, in which naturist riders from various parts of the world participate and ride together on bicycles, skateboards or inline skates. The motive behind this event is to deliver a cleaner vision of a safer and body-positive world.

There is specifically no dress code for this event and participants are encouraged to come fully or partially nude, but this isn't mandatory. Also, it isn't essential to cover intimate parts, which is why this event is different from other cycling events across the globe. Participants are also encouraged to show their creative side by generating an immersive atmosphere during the ride.
This is done to make the experience more personalized and more accomplishing for naturists participating in the event. Extensive use of body art, cycle art, costumes as well as portable sound systems is usually seen during such events. Even the parties associated with this event have gained a considerable amount of popularity. These events involve DJs, musical bands, installation arts and catering.

Moreover, the city hosting this event witnesses a lot of establishments that cater to the unique needs of people. In addition to just being fun events for nudists, these events also give nudists an opportunity to meet like-minded for friendship or even a long term relationship.
While the world naked bike ride incepted in as recently as 2004, bike rides for naturists were fairly common earlier too. Germany, the place where nudism came into existence for the first time, is host to innumerable bike rides organized by the FKK Organizations. Some of the other organizers of naked bike riding across the world are:

Fremond Riders in Seattle
Ciclondista in Spain
Artists against war in Canada

The WNBR started as collaboration between individuals and activist groups from all over the world. The first World Nudist Bike Riding event was collaboration between the WNBR and Spain's Manifestacion Ciclonudista. Prior to the introduction of the WNBR, two separate organizations namely AAW and Manifestacion Ciclonudista conducted similar events that were regarded as political protests and were not treated as a recreational activity.
However, WNBR has a multi-faceted purpose. While it has undoubtedly struck onto its intentional of bringing political issues into limelight through protests, it also aims to bring together people of the nudist community at a common place where they can have fun. Whilst nudist resorts are great hangout spots, they lack the community feel that is present at these biking events.

Not only is this place great for nudist singles but also for those who are looking to meet the one whom they've met online in person earlier. You couldn't get a better place for your first nudist date, could you?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Buying Naked - The Nudists Next Door

The nudist culture or rather the nudist lifestyle has become very popular in the recent years. The fact that nudists preach of equality and harmony regardless of sex, religion and race has attracted a lot of people towards it. Owing to its popularity, a lot of network channels chose to telecast shows that are dedicated to nudists. From game shows to reality nudist dating series, the previous couple of years have been instrumental in the growth of this culture.
For instance, Dating Naked that was telecasted on VH1 this year can be considered as a step ahead in the nudist dating area. For the first time in the history of network television did any major broadcasting agency emphasize on the nudist lifestyle and show them in positive light. Experts believe that these shows have changed the way people view nudism. It has made people realize that nudism is about enjoying being naked and doesn't relate to sexual activity.

One of the latest shows that were aired on network television was based on the concept of nudist communities. In this show (buying naked), real estate tycoon Jackie Youngblood shows houses on clothing-optional communities to nudists that are looking for a home. While the concept behind these shows was pretty different, both the shows focused on the naturist community or those who are looking to stay in a society where people don't have an issue with nudism.

Nudists often find it difficult to find suitable places that are already inhabited with naturists. Therefore, they hesitate to open up before others and never practice the nudist lifestyle. A show like Buying Naked not only gives interested people the opportunity to feature on national television but also find their dream home in a place of their choice. In addition, this would also allow them to live them with freedom and be open about their way of living.
With nudists next door, you will be able to connect with neighbors better and develop a better bonding. In addition, if you are a single nudist it would pose as a great opportunity to meet a few interesting people who share the same interests with you. Such tv shows have made people aware of the nudist culture. In fact, a few people now wish to try nudism for their out-of-the-box approach and humane attributes.