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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exhibitionist or Nudist?

French tourist arrested for taking naked photos at the Angkor Wat Temple.

While there is nothing very wrong or unacceptable about living a nudist lifestyle, followers of it should understand that few places consider this as inappropriate behavior. Asian nations are very particular about the behavior of devotees in temples and any attempt to violate these unwritten rules is considered as insult to the religion.

As a matter of fact, social nudity is completely unacceptable in most parts of the world and Asia is one among them. Three French tourists were arrested by the Cambodian authorities for taking obscene pictures inside the Angkor Wat premises. These men were spotted inside the Banteay Kdei Temple. It was found that they were taking pictures of each other naked inside the temple.
A spokesperson from the authority managing the temple said that a temple is a holy site where people connect with the almighty. Such kind of behavior is absolutely inappropriate and the people involved should receive the highest form of punishment. A senior official at the temple said that activities of tourists offend locals. It has been said that such activities have a detrimental impact on the regional culture.

Despite the fact that the French tourists admitted their mistake, the local authorities and law enforcement agencies did not hesitate from taking stringent action against them. The incident came after several pictures of Asian women posing nude at the Cambodian temples went viral on the World Wide Web.

Authorities and security officials at these Cambodian temples owed to take strict action in case any such occurrences happen in the near future. According to a local group, entry of tourists should be restricted into the temple. Furthermore, a lot of people also say that their activities should be closely monitored in order to prevent such incidents.

Experts believe that these activities involve exhibitionists and not necessarily nudists. It is believed that nudists follow certain unwritten rules and regulations. Their intention is not to disturb others or hurt their religious sentiments. On the other hand, nudists should also enquire whether or not nudism is practiced in certain part of the world before they decide to go cloth-free.

While this doesn't mean that people condemn nudism and are against it, people only urge followers of nudism to abstain in indulging in such activities that draw attention and show naturism in negative light. Nobody would want the tourist inflow to this part of the world to get hampered such stray incidents.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Nudist Wedding could soon become legal

For nudist singles, nudist wedding could be soon become legal!

Nudists have a strong belief that the human body is not meant to be covered in clothes. These individuals prefer living their life cloth-free and in fact, the rest of the British population seems to be absolutely fine with it.
Therefore, it isn't surprising that a few people don't want to spend the most important day of their lives clad in long and flowing white gowns or three piece suits. Recently, a paper published by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling attest the fact that British Nudism is incomplete support of this new reform. British Nudism is an organization that strives to combat intolerance against outdoor nudism. This organization is all set to get the wedding laws reviewed in the United Kingdom.

The year 2013 was another milestone in the history of the UK. This was the year when legislation was passed that made gay marriages legal in this part of the world. In addition to this, it also promised to have a thorough assessment of the existing wedding proceedings in the nation.

In January, top ministers in the country had started a complete review of the wedding laws. This review shall primarily look at issues such as where the wedding ceremony can be held and who can oversee it. As per the current set of laws, a wedding can be conducted in churches, a registry office and other places as approved by the law.

The undergoing review might consider whether or not weddings can be conducted by non-religious organization such as the naturists. It would also discuss whether these wedding ceremonies can be conducted at homes or gardens. According to the current set of rules that are being followed in the United Kingdom, a marriage can be conducted at home, provided the person is seriously ill or housebound.
Under no other circumstance shall the wedding be considered legal. A representative of the Marriage Foundation believes that a wedding should be considered legal as long as it supports the interests of the couple. It doesn't really matter if they're wearing clothes or not. For dedicated naturists, this is a way of life and there is nothing shameful about reflecting your interests on the most important day of your life.

It remains to be seen what the ministers decide but it would certainly be interesting if the decision is in favor of the naturists. While there is nothing wrong in saying ‘I do’ wearing absolutely nothing, experts advise nudists to mention this clearly on the wedding invites. You wouldn't want to surprise your guests, would you?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Find Local Nudists in Your Area! How?

Nudists, or people who follow the clothing-free way of living often find it difficult to connect with like-minded people. While couples still manage to engage in some fun activities being naked, singles often find themselves isolated. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are skeptical about trying nudism and often compare it with sex and intimacy.

However, in reality, nudism is just a form of living in which people prefer staying clothing-free and have absolutely no psychological issues. If you happen to be a nudist in search of fun and friends, here are a few places that you may consider visiting:
Nudist beach: Nudist beaches attract both couples as well as singles. In case you are looking to know a few interesting nudists and make friends with them, find out the nearest local nudist beach and visit it. Make sure you carry all the essentials and behave appropriately, if you wish to gain acceptance in the nudist community.
A nudist resort: While a lot of nudist resorts are exclusively for couples, a few resorts allow singles too. Not only can you make use of the spa and relish on some amazing food but also connect with other singles and couples. Nevertheless, always stay in your limits and other nudists would hate you hitting on their partner. Nudist resorts also provide a secluded and peaceful atmosphere, thereby giving you the right atmosphere to make connections.

A nudist dating site: If there are no nudist beaches or resorts in your area, or you are hesitant to go these, joining a nudist dating site would be the best alternative. The advantage of joining such website is that you know that every person on the website is available and seeking a companion. Therefore, your chances of finding a date increase manifold. Furthermore, a nudist dating site would also give you the convenience of filtering members based on location as well as your personal preferences.
A nudist club: Thanks to the increasing popularity of the nudist culture, a lot of people prefer going to clubs for socializing with other nudists. A nudist club isn't very different from a normal one, except for the fact that people here do not wear any clothes.

Are you still finding it difficult to find your ideal partner who is a nudist? All you need to do is check out the aforementioned options and do the needful.