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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nudist Dating Australia / best nudist beaches in Australia and top 10 tips for nudist beach etiquette

Accepting yourself without clothes can be empowering. No matter what shape or size you are, if you can love yourself stark naked, you have the makings of a healthy self-esteem.

Become a nudist! This will help you reduce your anxieties about being naked.(Search and find your nudist partner on the nudist dating site)

If you've never been to a nudist beach before, common sense and respect is all you need to try it out. Remember that you have full control of when you want to disrobe and when you want to leave. Observe some basic rules and there's nothing to fear - don’t litter, take photos, get sexual, wander outside of designated nude areas, or come just to stare; do bring sunscreen and shade, take your time, and spread out your towel before sitting on a chair when you're not wearing clothes.
Maslin Beach – Adelaide, South Australia
Sunnyside North Beach – Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Lady Bay Beach – Sydney, New South Wales
Cow Bay – Queensland
North Swanbourne Beach – Perth, Western Australia
Alexandria Bay – Noosa, Queensland

Tip: do not go to the nudist beach alone, especially it's your first time to go to the nude beach. Let Nudist Dating Site helps you out, search nudists near you and go with your nudist partner.

And, before go to the nudist beach, read the top ten tips carefully:

If you are going to a nudist beach for the first time and are a little bit self-conscious it would be most mortifying if you did something that really wasn't cool. Picture one of those situations when you are in public and something really embarrassing happens and you just want to die. Now imagine that situation and being naked at the same time.

Remember some people have been visiting nudist beaches for years, there is a certain etiquette to uphold, so for all you budding backpacker nudists out there here are a few tips on what not to do on a nudist beach to make sure you know good nudist beach etiquette.
1. Ensure the beach you are at is definitely a nudist beach. You will soon be made aware if you have made this mistake.
2. If you are going with friends make sure that you are all in agreement that you will all be nude. If you are unsure, do not be the first person to take off all your clothes so that your 'friends' can run away with them.
3. Sunburn.  Remember some areas of the body get more day to day sunlight than others and also remember that the sun in Australia and New Zealand is particularly hot.
4. Keep your eyes to yourself. Everyone has seen it all before, there is no need to stare.
5. Trim Down. This one can vary depending on which country you are getting nude in. Some places are more accepting than others. For those in Australia and New Zealand I would recommend keeping it tidy. You're naked, you want to look as good as possible.
6. Insects. There are creatures in the water, in the sand and in the air, all just waiting to feast on your blood. Spray before you strip off otherwise these tiny creatures can get in to the most tiny of places.
7. Take something to do. Always have a book to read, or cards to play or something to keep you busy. You really don't want your hands to get absent-minded.
8. Guys - never go with an attractive lady.
9. Leave your camera at home. Do you really need to take pictures of naked people?
10. Remember it's a nudist beach, not a hotel room. People are there to relax on the beach, not watch you and your partner get to know each other.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nudism Camping

Nudist Dating Sites for Single Nudist Who Enjoy An Alternative Lifestyle.

Find a nudist partner / nudist friends before you try the nudist camping. Go with other nudists could be more convenient for the newbie nudists.

Naturism camping, also known as nudist camping, may conjure up ideas of pain, itching, and a few jokes if you're not familiar with how it works or nudist-friendly campsites. Camping in the buff can be an interesting experience, though, so it's worth checking out if you've got the itch to do something most of us would probably consider on the wild side of life. More people are finding the benefits of getting back to what nature intended. Whether you want to do it to try something new, even out your tan lines, or just get back to nature, here I find some useful information to help you get started!
Types of Nudist Camping:

The types of people that enjoy nudist camping are very diverse. There are different goals and/or intentions of each individual nudist. Before you try nudism camping, you must be clear on your beliefs and goals of social nudity and find people to camp with who have the same beliefs as you. Following are some thoughts on why people like to camp in the nude:

A nude camper wants to enjoy the great outdoors unencumbered by clothing and other hassles.
Feeling the sun and breeze on your entire body is wonderful.
Many nude campers have completely moral objectives in mind and just want to enjoy nature.
According to the Naturist Society, "social nudity is not a code word for sex. "
Some naturist campers do have the goal to 'hook up' or meet other adults that have like-minded motives.
Some want to have sex in a completely free party atmosphere in a socially accepted setting.

How to Enjoy the Experience:

If you think about the bug bites, the scratchy plants, other people's eyes, and the burning sun in too much detail, it could be enough to send you running for the hills before you even start your nude camping experience. There are ways around the discomforts of being nude in a world where clothes prevail. One of those is to find a resort-like area like the Good land Nudist Country Club where it's the norm to be naked, and the amenities are set up with bare skin in mind.

Packing's easier, that's for sure. You'll need fewer clothes if you're going camping in the nude. Take some just in case you need to run to a store for something, but you won't need nearly as many as you would for a traditional excursion. You'll want to bring your own bottled water unless you want to have to boil water from the rivers, streams, or lakes nearby. Another thing you'll want to bring is your own food; don't count on catching your own all the time like they do in movies. For ease, take things you don't have to cook.

Don't forget your tent, bags in which to comfortably carry food and other items, and maybe even your own chemical toilet, depending on what's available where you're staying.

A few other things:

Bug repellent
Camp stove
Trash bags
Toilet paper
Light seating (chairs or stools)
Eating utensils

Rules to Follow:

As with any campground, there are rules to follow to ensure that all visitors are responsible in keeping the campsite clean and safe as well as making it enjoyable for everyone. These include:

No weapons, firearms, or fireworks are allowed on the premises
Parents are to supervise their children
Nudity is often required in the pool and sauna
Before sitting, place a towel under you
Trash must be bagged and placed in the dumpsters on site
Observe the quiet hours
Overt sexuality and voyeurism are not allowed


If you don't want to be seen, find a secluded spot. That means don't camp right on the river because people will be making that trek frequently and will stumble across your campsite.If you can, camp during the week. Fewer people will have time off from work and you'll be less likely to be bothered.

Say someone does set up a campsite close to yours. Don't necessarily consider your trip ruined and rush to put on clothing. You may not offend the person. If you do, keep in mind, you had your tent set up there first.

If you're going to be in the forest, skip hunting season. You don't want to get shot by accident on vacation. You could be mistaken for an animal. Put up a warning sign that says, "Nudist Area Ahead" or something to that effect. Make sure it's visible before you are, so that passersby can make the choice whether to seek you out for a chat or walk by without being exposed.
Benefits of Nudism Camping

According to the AANR, "Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free." Nudism camping can be done totally in the nude or partially nude. Camping in a tent, cabin, or recreational vehicle is part of the experience. Some of the benefits people achieve while enjoying a naturism camping trip are:

Positive body image
All over body tan
Soaking up vitamin D
Stress relief
Increased self-esteem
Class and wealth distinction disappear
Freedom from clothing and stress

While nude camping isn't for everyone, those who enjoy it find that it is a wonderful source of recreation.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Online Nudist Dating Site Review

Nudist dating site connects you to thousands of nudist singles living local to you.

This nudist dating site has hundreds of thousands of members from all over the world. If you live in or near a major city you should have plenty of nudist singles to choose from. It costs you nothing to find this out, and your profile is up for life once it is created. standard membership:

You'll have your profile set up within 10 minutes then you can start using your standard membership.

With your standard membership this nudist dating site allows you to...

Post your profile including your photo
Search the nudist profiles
Reply to e-mails / winks sent to you from gold members
Check Nudist Activities
View Nudist Photo Show

Upload your photo (Max 27) so you get more contact during your standard membership.

Searching the nudist personals
You can do a basic search as a standard member. This has criteria such as age range, and where the nudist single lives. Living in the USA , UK or Canada allows you to do a distance search from your zip code.

It also offers a premium membership which allows you to do advanced searches and starts at 29.99 per month with substantial discount for long subscriptions. When you upgrade to your premium membership at this nudist dating site you get the use of the advanced search. This adds more criteria to narrow down your results.

The criteria includes...
Physical characteristics
Lifestyle practices
Relationship desires
And more

If you end up with hundreds of results from your basic search this narrows them down to a more compatible list of nudist singles.
Nudist Live Chat Room
You can reply to e-mails from other nudist singles while using your standard membership. After you have upgraded you can initiate the contact with your own e-mails. You can only send winks up until that time.

Enjoy some Nudist chat with new friends and romance possibilities with the live chat room. Nudists already have communities offline so making friends with them online is easy.

Who's interested in you
You can see who' interested in you, and see who's viewed your profile when you have upgraded. This gives you the perfect opportunity to start sending e-mails. Not many nudist singles view someone's profile for nothing.

Nudist seniors and nudist couple
This nudist dating service caters for all ages so nudist seniors are welcome as well. It also have hundreds of nudist couple there to look for activity friends,

Nudist blog
Let everyone know what's happening in your life by creating a nudist blog. They're easy to start up, and are another good way to put your profile in front of other nudist singles. Many singles get contacted after having their blog viewed.

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