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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dating Naked, got in trouble?

I was very curious about those contestants when I knew that VH1 will have the naked dating TV show (can I call it nudist dating show?) from the very beginning.

Are all contestants are nudists? Or just normal clothed people take the clothes off for the show? What's their attitude about the nudist lifestyle? Do they know something about nudism? Is it just a way for people to draw attention? Of course, dating naked is always a good piece of eye - catching.
As a nudist for years, I always following the show (even I know it has no any relation with nudism), hoping against hope that it could help people to know more about nudism, nudist lifestyle and nudists.

I learn about the show get trouble on the news. Lawsuit after birthday suit! Jessie Nizewitz, a contestant of the naked dating show, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the network's operator Viacom and two production companies. She claiming the network failed to blur out her genitals during a wrestling scene.

All I want share today is "Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame."
OK, forget about the lawsuit, here is one tip for nudists like you and me:

As nudists we are getting a lot of sun on our bodies. In the summer this can be bad for your health. Remember to bring a umbrella or canopy to the nude beach. Bring a lot of water and wear sunscreen. If you start to feel dizzy or light headed get out of sun and drink lots of fluids. Remember to hydrate before you go out in sun. Drink water the day before and morning of your nude day out. Watch others and keep an eye on others. Red faces and slurred speach. Take them to a shady cool spot and give them water. Stay safe and keep cool.  Stay naked and be happy!

Monday, August 4, 2014

About nudism and nudist dating

Nudism is not just a healthy Lifestyle but has many more beneficial qualities not widely known.

A nudist community is an intentional community comprising nudists who choose to live together on a permanent basis where it is understood that no clothes will be worn.

A nudist lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but those who practice it swear it's liberating practice. So, if stripping down and skinny-dipping is your cup of tea, check out the best nudist dating site where you can find like minded friends and feel free to bare it all.

Nudist dating tip for you before meeting someone in a public place:

When you get to the point of meeting someone, you will have to choose a place and time.

First, you think that in advance, maybe even 2 or 3 different options that will work for you. This way you won´t hesitate so much, and will be able to provide options.

Second, these places should be public. You don´t even know if that person is "real". Sticking with verified members is a good idea on this one. But still, you are trying to deepen your knowledge of someone you still don´t know personally. There are naturist places where you can be nude and in public at the same time.

Third, know these places previously. Try and go there at different days and hours to know the usual schedule. Talk to the people who work there, and others if you can. If you do this homework you won´t have to worry and loose your sleep.
You will feel more relaxed, and definitely more safe, allowing you to focus on the meeting or date and just be yourself, and pay attention to find out about the other person.

Good, naked Luck!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nudist Dating Etiquette You Should Know

How to Practice Nudist Dating Etiquette

Just like any subculture, nudists too have developed their own set of unwritten but established rules that are a part of our culture and go well with social nudism. If you are a single nudist and planning to visit a nudist club, nudist dating site or a resort, it would be better to develop an understanding of these rules in order to avoid any sort of embarrassment.

These guidelines pertain to traditional nudism that is often observed in nudist clubs.
·Always carry a towel: The only practical reason behind carrying a towel is maintaining personal hygiene. A towel acts as a barrier between the naked body and furnishings such as chairs, loungers and more. If you plan to lie on grass while sunbathing, using a towel isn't mandatory but is always comfortable.

In case you wish to have a shower, make sure you have an extra towel just to use for sitting on.

·Don't take snaps without permission: Most clubs and resorts prohibit the use of cameras. However, if there is no such restriction, remember not to take photos of anyone without their consent.

·Never stare at others: One of the basic principles of naturism is showing respect to others. Never gawk at others'genitals or breasts. Experienced nudists are aware of this natural curiosity. However, if you continue to do so, it might lead to serious consequences. As a nudist, you are expected to make eye to eye contact.

Although there are no restriction on the use of sunglasses when in the sun, wearing them when they aren't required is likely to arouse suspicion.

·Don't engage in indecent behavior: Any kind of sexual activity at a public place in an atmosphere of non-sexual nudity is considered inappropriate. While other mistakes pertaining to nudist etiquettes can either be ignored or overlooked, this one is likely to land you in serious trouble.

A dreaded erection is something that most men who are new to nudism are worried about. Firstly, in a nudist setting, it rarely happens and even if it does, there is no need to panic. Nonetheless, sporting an erection is definitely considered as lewd behavior. So, when it happens, the best thing to do is cover it up.

·Understand and follow club rules: Each club has its own set of rules and regulations for guests as well as members. These rules are verbally explained during a formal orientation and usually a hard copy of the same is provided. Even first time guests are expected to follow these guidelines and in case you make a mistake, don't expect forgiveness.

·Speak effectively and be a good listener: Be friendly and pleasant. You will notice that nudists are a very friendly lot and like to have fun. However, it still wouldn't be a great idea to ask members non-stop about nudism and what they feel about it.