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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dating Naked - Getting Naked and Nudist Dating on TV

VH1 recently came up with a reality show called “Dating Naked”, with an aim of promoting nudist dating. In fact, the ratings of this show have gone so high that the makers are all set for the next season. So, what was the show all about? By nudist dating you would assume a scene with hedonistic singles gone wild, wouldn't you?
However, in reality the show wasn't anywhere close. The show initially was surrounded by a lot of controversies. The Parents Television Council went on to condemn United States'leading fast food chain McDonald's for sponsoring such a show. Nevertheless, the makers of the show followed adequate precautions while telecasting the show.

The bodies of contestants were safely blurred and waxed too. In addition, foul or curse words were beeped, making the show fit to be watched by a 15+ audience. Regardless of all the controversies that came along uninvited, the show seems to have gained a fair deal of fan following. The best thing being that the show managed to target a community that wasn't explored on television earlier.

The nudist dating has always been overshadowed by other segments. It is for the first time that a TV show has emphasized on this community. This gesture has been welcomed by the nudist community with open arms, who feel that it is essential for people to know and accept their existence.

People have diverse opinions on nudist dating. While some consider it mere filth, others have begun accepting it as a part of society. Dating experts believe that such shows will make people aware of the community's beliefs. Some people claim that they had expected such as show, given the fact that nudist dating sites have become so popular.
A recent analysis by shows that online nudist dating sites, that have served people for over 13 years, boast of over 700,000 users. These staggering numbers are proof of the increasing recognition of people who follow a nudist lifestyle.

What led to a show exclusive to nudists?

Well, this certainly is a million dollar question and we seem to have an answer to this. Nudist dating sites are abuzz with new members. Moreover, in the last 10 years, the number of nudist clubs and nudist resorts has also sky-rocketed.

It is worth mentioning that this isn't the first show based on the concept of nudism. The TV series Naked Vegas, TLC's Buying Naked and Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid have earlier been appreciated by the audience. There is no doubt about the fact that the world and nudists in particular were anticipating a show on nudist dating, which came in the form of Dating Naked.

It remains to be seen how other major players in the multi–million TV industry view this move made by VH1.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to use Nudist Dating Sites Safely?

Online dating platforms are a blessing in disguise. While they certainly allow people to connect with like-minded individuals, they have an evil side too. Members on online dating sites also become victims of identity theft, harassment and in some cases sexual abuse. Therefore, it is advised that user follow caution while using nudist dating sites. Here are some safety tips that can ensure your online dating experience is a pleasant one.
•Refrain from giving your personal contact details: Furnishing your personal details such as address and phone number allows others to track you down. You can choose what details you wish to make accessible to others once you are sure of the person you are dating.

•Trust your instincts: Sometimes your instincts can tell you when something is not right. It is essential that you use common sense when it comes to dating as it can save you from a lot of problems. As you continue to check out profiles and respond to emails, your instincts will tell whether something is fishy.

•Be careful while putting up pictures: Nudist websites undoubtedly attract a lot of nudists from across the globe. It would be better to put up your clothed picture in the profile in case you are skeptical about online dating. Later, you can make your personal nude pictures accessible to only those whom you trust.

•Request a recent picture: If person whom you are chatting with doesn't have a picture, chances are high that he or she might not be a genuine user. In this case, you can request a picture to have a look at how they look in real. As a matter of fact, fake profiles do not have a picture.
•Always use paid online services: Free nudist dating sites give fake users an opportunity to trap more people, courtesy of their massive membership base. Users neither have to provide their credit card information nor any proof of identification while signing up on these sites. Furthermore, they do not implement privacy options as effectively as paid sites do.

•Use an anonymous communication medium: Users are advised to use features such as instant messaging, online chat and emails, available on the site to communicate with a prospective partner. Giving your phone number to a stranger can be risky as it can lead the person to your address or office. Furthermore, you can add the person on Skype in case you wish to have a video chat with him or her.

Online dating sites for nudists give an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded nudist individuals. Complying to the aforementioned guidelines will ensure you achieve success without any troubles.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dating Naked, got in trouble?

I was very curious about those contestants when I knew that VH1 will have the naked dating TV show (can I call it nudist dating show?) from the very beginning.

Are all contestants are nudists? Or just normal clothed people take the clothes off for the show? What's their attitude about the nudist lifestyle? Do they know something about nudism? Is it just a way for people to draw attention? Of course, dating naked is always a good piece of eye - catching.
As a nudist for years, I always following the show (even I know it has no any relation with nudism), hoping against hope that it could help people to know more about nudism, nudist lifestyle and nudists.

I learn about the show get trouble on the news. Lawsuit after birthday suit! Jessie Nizewitz, a contestant of the naked dating show, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the network's operator Viacom and two production companies. She claiming the network failed to blur out her genitals during a wrestling scene.

All I want share today is "Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame."
OK, forget about the lawsuit, here is one tip for nudists like you and me:

As nudists we are getting a lot of sun on our bodies. In the summer this can be bad for your health. Remember to bring a umbrella or canopy to the nude beach. Bring a lot of water and wear sunscreen. If you start to feel dizzy or light headed get out of sun and drink lots of fluids. Remember to hydrate before you go out in sun. Drink water the day before and morning of your nude day out. Watch others and keep an eye on others. Red faces and slurred speach. Take them to a shady cool spot and give them water. Stay safe and keep cool.  Stay naked and be happy!