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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The differences between a nudist and an exhibitionist

While the difference between a vegetarian and a meat-eater can be clearly known, the line that divides nudists and exhibitionists is rather not very evident. This might be because the cloth-free lifestyle isn't a mainstream and most people do not have the information to differentiate between the two. However, if you are new to the nudist culture and are trying to understand their way of living, it is essential to learn the difference between a nudist and an exhibitionist.
Technically speaking, exhibitionism is a mental condition in which an individual is compelled to exhibit his genitals in public. This is a kind of psychiatric sexual disorder, commonly known as paraphilias. A person having this disorder would certainly be obsessed by unusual sexual practices.

Although exhibitionists do not intend to make any sort of sexual contact with his or her victim, they tend to expose themselves in a non-threatening manner in order to draw the attention of others. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that exhibitionists are not threatening. There are exhibitionists whose main intention is sexual in nature and their actions and behavior is perceived to be harmful, especially in a nudist setting.

Nudists, on the other hand, are social creatures with a slightly different lifestyle. They prefer being cloth-free and interact with like-minded people. Nudism cannot be associated with sexual gratification. In fact, nudists are those who believe that staying naked is natural and certainly better. While it is difficult to experience in the clothed world, the chances of finding one increase in a nudist ecosystem.

How would you differentiate between the two in a cloth-free environment?

A person's behavior can help you determine his or her intentions. Nudists are always aware of their surroundings when they are cloth-free. In case you observe someone around you having an inappropriate behavior, chances are that person is an exhibitionist.

Nudist resorts, particularly those supported by the American Association of Nude Recreation and the Naturist Society do not tolerate any sort of inappropriate behavior and do not entertain those who do not abide by the standards of naturist lifestyle. Dealing with such people can be a lot trickier at beaches. However, you still have the right to protect yourself against harassment. If you're subject to threatening behavior, you can speak with a law enforcement office and he will take care of the rest.

Nudists have no tolerance for those who disrespect their values by conducting themselves in a way that attempts to defame their community. Naturists have a set of unwritten rules and any attempt to violate their code of conduct is dealt with seriously.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is Nude Beach a Good Place to Meet Nudists?

The increasing popularity of the nudist dating culture has paved way to the growth in the number of recreational spaces for members of this community. In addition to nudist resorts that have come up in countries like the United States, Mexico, Australia and West Indies, several beaches have been opened that are exclusive to members of the nudist community.

While nudist dating sites have always been the first choice among nudists, people still prefer to visit a nude beach when it comes to actual dating. In fact, a nude beach is possibly the best place for any individual who prefers the nudist lifestyle as they provide a serene and peaceful environment for nudists to interact with others and make new friends.
Experienced nudists believe that nude beaches prove to be an ideal recreational spot for people of this community. Here, nobody judges the other person on grounds of sex, body size, color and religion. Everyone bonds over a common interest – the love for nudism. Many nudists who take to online nudist dating in order to find a prospective partner, often choose to visit a nude beach on their maiden date. Some also feel that these nude beaches are perfect for those new to nudism.

Interacting with other nudists on these nude beaches makes them accustomed to the nudist culture and familiar with the traditions and etiquettes of the community.

Here are a few reasons that make nude beaches a perfect destination for nudists.
Get closer to nature: There couldn't be a place better than the beach to get closer to nature. The beautiful water, long stretches of sand and delicious snacks to munch upon a nudist beach is just the perfect place to hang out with friends or your companion.

There is no body to judge you: One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of nudism is that nudists are known to accept every person and abstain from indulging in discrimination. On your trip to a nude beach, you'd notice that people do not gawk, despite the fact that everyone there is absolutely naked.

Find a friend or companion: Are you looking for a person who likes nudism as much as you do? If your response is affirmative, then visiting a nude beach over the weekend should certainly be on the cards. Clothing-optional beaches attract many single nudists who are seeking a partner too.

It is important that you understand that going to a nude beach, alone doesn't assure you of landing a companion. You would need to make a little effort by initiating a conversation with a person whom you find interesting. You could also take things forward from your online nudist dating experiences. Nevertheless, it is also critical that you follow the basic etiquettes of the nudist community so as to gain acceptance.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dating Naked - Getting Naked and Nudist Dating on TV

VH1 recently came up with a reality show called “Dating Naked”, with an aim of promoting nudist dating. In fact, the ratings of this show have gone so high that the makers are all set for the next season. So, what was the show all about? By nudist dating you would assume a scene with hedonistic singles gone wild, wouldn't you?
However, in reality the show wasn't anywhere close. The show initially was surrounded by a lot of controversies. The Parents Television Council went on to condemn United States'leading fast food chain McDonald's for sponsoring such a show. Nevertheless, the makers of the show followed adequate precautions while telecasting the show.

The bodies of contestants were safely blurred and waxed too. In addition, foul or curse words were beeped, making the show fit to be watched by a 15+ audience. Regardless of all the controversies that came along uninvited, the show seems to have gained a fair deal of fan following. The best thing being that the show managed to target a community that wasn't explored on television earlier.

The nudist dating has always been overshadowed by other segments. It is for the first time that a TV show has emphasized on this community. This gesture has been welcomed by the nudist community with open arms, who feel that it is essential for people to know and accept their existence.

People have diverse opinions on nudist dating. While some consider it mere filth, others have begun accepting it as a part of society. Dating experts believe that such shows will make people aware of the community's beliefs. Some people claim that they had expected such as show, given the fact that nudist dating sites have become so popular.
A recent analysis by shows that online nudist dating sites, that have served people for over 13 years, boast of over 700,000 users. These staggering numbers are proof of the increasing recognition of people who follow a nudist lifestyle.

What led to a show exclusive to nudists?

Well, this certainly is a million dollar question and we seem to have an answer to this. Nudist dating sites are abuzz with new members. Moreover, in the last 10 years, the number of nudist clubs and nudist resorts has also sky-rocketed.

It is worth mentioning that this isn't the first show based on the concept of nudism. The TV series Naked Vegas, TLC's Buying Naked and Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid have earlier been appreciated by the audience. There is no doubt about the fact that the world and nudists in particular were anticipating a show on nudist dating, which came in the form of Dating Naked.

It remains to be seen how other major players in the multi–million TV industry view this move made by VH1.