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Nudism is a philosophy that values simplicity and increased harmony with nature.

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Nudism is a fun, healthy, freeing and wholesome way for men and women to socialize and live without clothes.

First Time Nudist Dating Tips

Partaking in something as societally unique as nudist dating can be daunting for those new to the scene. It changes the game of dating especially since you can't exactly go out to a public place (unless you are on a nudist resort) to have a romantic “nude” dinner or a casual “nude” drink. This leaves the options limited and most likely forces you get creative for the initial rendezvous, but, always remember to be safe when making these plans. The overall experience can be a rewarding one, however, it can also be intimidating if you have never done it and it can be dangerous if you are unaware of some basic things to look for in order to verify that everyone is on the date for the same reasons-to make meaningful connections and possibly long-lasting friendships.
Here are some safety tips and thoughts to keep in mind to make the most of your experience and still stay safe:

1.Meeting on the internet is a popular practice these days to find others that enjoy the same things that you do and is a great place to find fellow naturists wishing to make connections. However, make sure that if you are at the point that you are ready to meet someone that you have met from the various (legitimate) nudist dating sites, do some digging before the initial meeting. Get a contact phone number and be sure to call the person at least once prior to the date and make sure that they have sent you several distinct photos of themselves, especially their face, so that you know what to expect and to help weed out those with fake profiles.

2.On a first date, keep it public. Don't rush right into going to someone's house simply because of the possible lack of convenient locations to partake in a nude date. Even start things off with a regular date at a coffee shop to meet and get to know each other and move on to a natural date on number two. Or, you could try going to a nudist beach and one that is regularly busy with other people. Don't allow your date to sway you into attending a private spot where you can both feel comfortable with no one around. This is a red flag.
3.Prior to leaving for the meeting, make sure you tell a friend or family member exactly where you are headed. Be sure to have your cellphone fully charged and with you at all times and request that they call you at specific time if you haven't contacted them.

4.As it goes with all blind dates, internet or otherwise, always be suspicious of someone showing up who looks nothing like their picture. Even with excuses such as the person from the profile couldn't make it at the last minute but their brother, sister, cousin, etc. came instead. Run the other way and get out of there! Try to always have an exit plan for this situation or for any other reason, by bringing your own car and along with a decent excuse to have to go.

5.Unfortunately, not everyone respects the beauty that comes from nudist dating and instead is looking for recruits or customers for their webcam and/or sex business. Some requests for nude or revealing photos of you may be made and all of these are things to run from as well. No matter the sweet talking or how sincere they seem, the truth of the matter is they don't respect the practice the same way that you do and should be avoided and told “No.”

Nudist dating is an uncommon but wonderful experience and one that should be embraced by those who choose to. Sadly, though, as with all types of dating, you have to be cautious and stay safe and always have a plan AND a backup plan. However, if the date is going well, be prepared for that, too, and be sure to always have protection available. Happy dating!

Ways to become a nudist

There are innumerable advantages of becoming a nudist. Nudism isn't just about having fun in the nude and the feeling of sun all over the body or getting rid of tan lines. People who belong to the nudist community have a greater sense of self-belief, in addition to several health benefits. A lot of people that have been looking for an opportunity to try nudism either fail to get the right opportunity or struggle to cope up with the stigma attached with the naturist culture.
Here are a few tips that would help you become a nudist:

Recognizing the core principles of nudism: Nudism isn't just limited to the feeling of being cloth-free and visiting nude beaches and nudist resorts. There is a lot more associated with nudism that people are unaware of. It is important that you understand that being naked is our natural state and there is nothing negative about it. While clothes have certainly become an integral part of society over the years, it isn't necessary that you have to wear it all the time.

Understanding the principles of nudism: Nudism also referred to as naturism, has been linked with the act of getting close to nature. In your natural state there is absolutely nothing between you and nature. Wouldn't it be amazing to like naked at the beach or under the tree, feeling every bit of nature on your bare skin. A lot of people worldwide follow nudism to explore this happiness, which they never get when they wear clothes. Also, nudity shouldn't always be associated with sexual interactions.
Start with practicing at home: If you're new to the idea of nudism and are scared to try it out in the real world, you could start by practicing nudity at home. It is essential that discuss about it with your partner and convince him to follow it too. Spending time naked at home with your partner would boost self-confidence and encourage you to be proud of how you look.

Joining a nudist community:
Once you're comfortable being naked at home, it's time to socialize with other nudists. You could do this by either joining a local nudist club or an online nudist community, where you'd be able to interact with fellow nudists and share experiences. Besides, some nudist communities also give you the opportunity to meet fellow nudists at various events or plan nudist vacations together. This would certainly help you expand your reach and connect with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people, without making things awkward.

It isn't possible for any person to follow the nudist lifestyle instantly. It takes a lot of time and effort to be comfortable around naked strangers and you wouldn't want to make things look awkward, would you?

Is Nudism a Healthy Lifestyle or Just Hype?

The American Association for Nudist Recreation (AANR) has always emphasized on the health benefits of practicing nudity. However, this has always been debated by people who believe that public nudity is violation of privacy and it isn't a spiritual practice.

However, medical experts have proven that being nude is actually healthy for you, as long as you stay away from anything sexual. If you're turned on looking at nude women in public, the results would be catastrophic. While it would take time to get acquainted with looking at naked bodies, experts suggest that everyone should try nudism and eventually become nudists, given your local rules permit you to practice it in public.
Nudist clubs and nudist organizations have been set up that provide various ways to meet other nudists. But is this a healthy practice? Here are some of the benefits of following a nudist lifestyle:

Weakened bodies: Experts claim that the clothes we wear are breeding ground for a lot of microbes, especially parasites and bacteria, which can cause infections and various skin disorders. It is good to be cloth-free once in a while, if you're new to the nudist culture. Alternatively, you could also visit nudist resorts or nude beaches if you're looking for a complete nudist experience.

Barefoot medicine: Medical sciences now recognizes going shoeless as a brain boosting and anti-Alzheimer’s activity that every person should practice. This stimulates the neurons to make connection, thereby aiding overall brain growth. Bare feet are certainly today's prescription.

Superior socialization: Being nude is in itself a complete therapy. According to Abraham Maslow, social nudity reduces stress and curiosity about the other human being. In addition, it has also been considered as a solution to porn addiction. It also helps people develop a wholesome perception about the other person, particularly belonging to the opposite gender.
Vitamin D absorption: According to statistics, about 75 percent of teens and adults in the United States of America are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, popularly known as the sunshine vitamin. Lack of this vitamin results in several ailments such as Cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes as well as heart diseases.

If you're from Europe, you'd find various beaches and beach resorts that welcome nudists as well as people that are curious about this kind of lifestyle. It is also worth stating that, a number of beaches in the United States and Canada have also achieved the clothing-optional status but we suggest confirming with the local authorities before stripping it all.

Nudist dating websites have come into existence, which make it easier for nudist singles to connect with like-minded people and plan nudist vacations together.

Reasons To Bare It All On Your Next Vacation

Things have never been easy for loves of nudist vacations. With an increase in the number of events that showed nudists in the negative light, people often get confused with exhibitionists and nudists. Naked travel is very popular but these events have made people think that nudists are crazy. However, nudist dating sites think otherwise. The primary purpose of these sites is to help you find a nudist partner so that you can bare it all and be what you are.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that a nudist vacation isn't for everyone. You'd be expected to follow some unwritten rules, which would ensure you get along well with your peers. Here are a few reasons why you should bare it all on your next vacation:

It isn't what you think: There are so many misconceptions about vacationing clothing free, that people are hesitant about trying it. Just to clear the air, nudists aren't perverts not do they hurt anyone. Besides, nudists also avoid loitering in places that are open to a larger audience. Bear in mind, they're not exhibitionists that are trying to attract a date.

It'll open you up: Being cloth free can certainly be an enlightening experience. For those looking to try something different and out of the norm while on a vacation, heading out on a nudist vacation can be the best thing over.

It's fun: According to the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR), being naked is actually a lot of fun. It not only gives you the opportunity to be who you are but also frees you from the bondages of discrimination and being judged by others. It is a well known fact that people belonging to the nudist community don't judge each other based on physical attributes and this is something that has attracted a lot of people to be a part of this community.

You'd travel light: The best part about going out on a nudist vacation is that you wouldn't have to carry a lot of clothes with you. Moreover, this would also allow you to do a lot of shopping thereby allowing you to carry a great deal of stuff on your way back home.

There are many more reasons why you should head out on a nudist vacation. Regardless of whether you're opting to go on a nudist cruise or a naked beach, being cloth-free would give you the chance to explore something out of the box. For those seeking a companion to hang out with, joining a specialist nudist dating site would certainly help.

Dunedin hosts the annual nude rugby international event

Australia as well as New Zealand has for long accepted nudism and people that follow the nudist form of living. While you might not meet nudists on the streets, there are certain places that attract nudists, especially nude sports lovers from across the globe. Naked rugby is one sport that is played in the Dunedin town of New Zealand and manages to attract nudists not only from New Zealand but also Australia and parts of Europe.
It all started in 2002, when the Irish were in town and all set to play against the All Blacks. This was when a local bus company was carrying packages for backpackers that were visiting Dunedin. This was when they observed the student atmosphere and found out that they were looking to add some X-factor to the game, which led to the inception of naked rugby.

The first game of this kind was held at St. Clair Beach, which is known to be the perfect place for nude mid-winter rugby games. The game was held between backpackers and the local students in the area and was touted to be their version for world supremacy.

One of the stars of the first international game held between Ireland and the Nude Blacks in 2002 was Tipperary-based Fergus Mather. In a very short span of time he became an international star, owing to the presence of world media. Thanks to this, his stories spread like wild fire across the globe. This event began an a fun-filled competition between the locals and visiting teams.

However, over a period of time, it turned out to be something very big that grabs the attention of international media besides attracting people from all over the world. Nude rugby is known to be a celebration in its own unique way and defines what Dunedin is all about happy souls looking to dominate the world of rugby and not letting anything soil their happiness.

In fact, a lot of people from the European rugby specialists to South Africa's high veldt have made their presence felt in this particular sport. Although these games aren't telecasted, they have managed to cast a unique spell in the world of sports. Indeed, people from across the world are gravitated to Dunedin not only to watch this sport but also to participate in this unique game.