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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nudist Festival heads to Creekside this Summer

The first annual “Creekside naturist Festival” is all set to be organized between August 14 and 19 this year. Canada has always been flexible about the idea of nudism and naturism. In fact, there are places in Canada that are exclusive to people leading the nudist lifestyle, where they can hang out and be who they are without any inhibitions. However, this is the first time that Creekside is host to a nudist festival of this sort.
Pene Esposti, coordinator of this festival and long time member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists said that August would be the perfect time for nudists from across the glove to visit Canada and participate in fun-filled activities that are a part of this 6 day festival. When asked about the choice of place for the festival, Esposti said, “We chose Creekside because it was slightly more secluded but still very much a part of the Whistler culture.”

It has been said that the festival would bring more than 1000 nudists to the resort over 6 days. When asked about whether the locals would get offended to the nudist culture, he said that everyone loved to be naked and this would certainly go well with the locals residents of the area.

Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden at the Resort Municipality of Whistler said that the festival aligns very well with the area's naked past. She also said that no one wore bathing suits at the Alta Lake in the past. Also, the swimming beach at Mount Whistler Lodge was bathing suit free. All this makes the nudist festival very consistent with the area's past.
The mayor also said that the Cheekside festival was too late to apply for any RMI funding from the local municipality. However, she ensured that they would support the cause by providing signage and banners. This is common with most festivals in Canada. If the concerned associations fail to apply for any funding in time, they offer some RMI funds depending on the turnout.

Speaking about the kind of events that would be part of the Creekside festival, the mayor stated that some of the events would be held indoors or in the backcountry. However, a majority of these events such as morning yoga, evening strolls and the last day ditch pick would be held outdoors and nudist people would get the amazing opportunity of experiencing nature while being clothing-free. Sounds like a good opportunity to make new contacts for nudist singles, huh?

The committee has also made arrangements to direct some traffic onto the highway during the ditch pick event. Mayor Nancy believes that she is sure of not receiving any complaints from the locals. Canada has hosted several naturist events in the part and most of them have been quite successful. Given the track record, this event too is expected to be a huge success.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Top things to do in the nude

The nudist culture has always been known for their anti-discriminatory attitude and positive approach towards life. This is probably why a lot of people from across the globe are curious about nudism and wish to experience it. Here are the top things you could try out in the nude:

•Naked canyoning: Combine the passion for adventure with a bit of nudity and naked canyoning is a sport made exclusively for you. You may find groups of naked people with backpacks and boots bushwalking naked in some of the most spectacular places in Australia such as the Blue Mountains. Depending on the location, some people indulge in skinny dipping while others prefer practicing naked yoga.

While being naked, naked canyoners are expected to follow a certain set of rules and regulations that keeps them in check of their acts.

•Naked yoga: Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years now and has been known to keep people healthy and fit. Yoga combines various positions (known as asanas) coupled with breathing movements that are performed in a rhythm so that they have a positive impact on the body. However, before you indulge in naked yoga, it is essential that you confirm whether both men and women are allowed to practice is at the same time or is it exclusive to a specific sex.

Also, naked yoga is said to involve more sexuality and sensuality when you have a partner.
•Naked art classes: While there are a lot of art classes where you can throw away your clothes and pick up a pen, there is something special about it in cities like New York and Melbourne. These classes have models of various shapes and sized to sketch. You can opt for a package in case you plan long term recreation. On the other hand, if you're a visitor to any of these cities, for as low as $20, you can pick up your pen and join a class for a single session.

Long term courses cover various aspects including quick sketching and sketches of basic anatomy to ways of exercising the right brain, besides developing confidence and risk-taking ability.

•Nudist Resorts: This is probably the first thing that people think about when it comes to nudist activities. While there are a lot of couple-only resorts, there are plenty that cater to families too. Countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and some of the Caribbean islands have amazing nudist resorts along the beach line. If you're looking to have some serious fun or are search of a partner, these destinations serve as the best places.

Alternatively, you could also consider joining a reliable nudist dating site which would allow you to find a compatible nudist partner with whom you could head out on a recreational tour.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exhibitionist or Nudist?

French tourist arrested for taking naked photos at the Angkor Wat Temple.

While there is nothing very wrong or unacceptable about living a nudist lifestyle, followers of it should understand that few places consider this as inappropriate behavior. Asian nations are very particular about the behavior of devotees in temples and any attempt to violate these unwritten rules is considered as insult to the religion.

As a matter of fact, social nudity is completely unacceptable in most parts of the world and Asia is one among them. Three French tourists were arrested by the Cambodian authorities for taking obscene pictures inside the Angkor Wat premises. These men were spotted inside the Banteay Kdei Temple. It was found that they were taking pictures of each other naked inside the temple.
A spokesperson from the authority managing the temple said that a temple is a holy site where people connect with the almighty. Such kind of behavior is absolutely inappropriate and the people involved should receive the highest form of punishment. A senior official at the temple said that activities of tourists offend locals. It has been said that such activities have a detrimental impact on the regional culture.

Despite the fact that the French tourists admitted their mistake, the local authorities and law enforcement agencies did not hesitate from taking stringent action against them. The incident came after several pictures of Asian women posing nude at the Cambodian temples went viral on the World Wide Web.

Authorities and security officials at these Cambodian temples owed to take strict action in case any such occurrences happen in the near future. According to a local group, entry of tourists should be restricted into the temple. Furthermore, a lot of people also say that their activities should be closely monitored in order to prevent such incidents.

Experts believe that these activities involve exhibitionists and not necessarily nudists. It is believed that nudists follow certain unwritten rules and regulations. Their intention is not to disturb others or hurt their religious sentiments. On the other hand, nudists should also enquire whether or not nudism is practiced in certain part of the world before they decide to go cloth-free.

While this doesn't mean that people condemn nudism and are against it, people only urge followers of nudism to abstain in indulging in such activities that draw attention and show naturism in negative light. Nobody would want the tourist inflow to this part of the world to get hampered such stray incidents.